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Duck Call Bands

We offer seamless solid Brass, Copper and Aluminum Duck Call Bands for those that build their own duck and goose calls.

These bands are not polished. The sharp edges have been removed that was created by the metal cutting process. All our bands can be very easily polished to suit your desire. (about one minute to polish on your lathe)


1.25" OD X .04" Wall X 1.17" ID 

1.00" OD X .03" Wall X .94 ID



1.125" OD X .062" Wall X 1.00" ID

1.125" OD X .062" Wall X 1.00" ID



1.25" OD X .035 Wall X 1.18" ID

1.0" OD X .035 Wall X .93 ID

*** If you have a need for another size and/or width band get in touch with me I can probably help you. If you have any questions give me a call at 901-287-9451 or Email me. I am happy to answer your questions.


Duck Call Band Example


Duck Call Band Benefits:

Benefit 1  -  A band strengthens the duck call structure significantly. The insertion of the insert into the barrel of the call produces extreme pressure on the barrel portion of the call. A properly installed ban will transfer this pressure to the band to prevent the wood from cracking due to the pressure exerted by the insert insertion. 
Benefit 2  -  A polished or buffed ban enhances the beauty of the call as well as strengthens the call.

Benefit 3  -  Properly install ban will give a lifetime of protection to your call. All our calls have securely attached bands that prevents loosening as the wood flexes due to temperature and moisture changes.


Duck Call Inserts for 5/8" ID Barrels

These polycarbonate inserts are professionally tuned for precise sound, capable of ranges from loud hail calls to soft raspy quacks. Reeds are made of Mylar for precise sound quality under variable conditions and extended overall insert life. Available in your choice of either single or double reed configuration. These inserts are suited for call barrels with a 5/8" ID hole. The color choices include green, black, red and clear.




Purchase Duck Call Inserts


Duck Call Inserts

(Fits 5/8" ID Barrels)


Insert Color
Insert Reed Choice


If you are not completely happy with our product return it to us in it's original unused NEW condition within seven (7) days for the purchase price refund.

Payment & Shipping:

Select the items you wish to purchase with "Add to Cart" button. Select "View Cart" button (in upper right page corner) and select quantity of items desired then select your payment method (Credit card, Debit, PayPal and etc).  All sales are processed through secure payment site PayPal.  PayPal will verify your paid order to us. We do not see any of your private information submitted through PayPal, we only see your ordered items with amount paid. We will ship your item/items within 1 - 3 work days. You will be notified by email when order is shipped with USPS tracking number. 

We do combine shipping to save you shipping fees. Our shipping fees are based on your total order.

If you are not completely happy with our product return it to us in it's original unused NEW condition within seven (7) days for the purchase price refund.

All orders are shipped by USPS tracking to all the 48 Continental US States, AK, HI  and Canada only(Canadian residents please select Canada in shipping selection).

We appreciate your business.

Always Practice & Support Hunting Safety


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